My name is Gabriel and I’m localized in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m a research assistant at the Visgraf laboratory, since 2012 I’ve been working with app development for iOS and Android. Considering “mobile apps” is a really big subject, my main focus is on augmented reality, games and educational apps. In the past I used to work a lot with Adobe Director and Visual Studio Ultimate, and during my Dsc. studies I developed some Civil Engineering AR prototypes for windows tablets. After my DSc. I’ve worked Xcode and Android Studio, but I’ve become quite fond of working with Qt Creator for crossplatform development and still use XCode for iOS apps. I have some experience with Objective-C, C++, C#, Processing, Qt/Qml, Node.js, REST, Javascript, 3DS MAX, Blender, Inkscape, UDK, Unity (and the list goes on…). Have a look at my youtube channel and see some of my previous adventures.

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other pages: www.kokorostudio.com.br and portal.ifrj.edu.br