Applied Augmented Reality for Inspection and Maintenance Activities in Civil Engineering

The following research presents a prototype support system for civil engineering projects based on augmented reality. This prototype aims to explore the capabilities of augmented reality on improving inspection, assembly and maintenance activities in civil engineering projects. The solution allows you to mark interest points in large spaces and add an information layer to assist in assembly, maintenance and inspection activities. The information is displayed over real elements through a process of digital composing giving the illusion of being part of the real environment. The system also features an augmented reality content manager developed for easy implementation. The thesis also presents a series of field experiments that study potential improvements for activity management and general work in a civil engineering projects.

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2012 – Volume 5, Number 1, January/June 2012
Journal of Virtual Reality (LATEC/UFRJ)

Advanced Center for Visualization (NAV): a center of mobile computing to support engineering projects

This article reviews the development of the Center for Advanced Visualization (NAV) – a mobile laboratory focused on research and development of outdoor Augmented Reality (AR) applications, and collaborative data management. The NAV is composed of a series of integrated solutions that aim to improve the combined performance for project management, improving access to information in the field and remote supervision of projects. The approach uses several mobile workstations connected by a wireless network that can provide information based on user location, such as CAD files, 3D models, Augmented Reality displays and GPS tracking. The system also allows monitoring/inspection by telepresence. This paper presents the general concept describing the main NAV solutions and their current status of development and finally, discusses the integration of the tool and possible future research.

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2010, July 6-9, Porto/Portugal ATRS
14th Air Transport Research Society World Conference

Overview of Augmented Reality Research in Air Transport

This paper presents an overview on the use of Augmented Reality (AR) Technology in Air Transport (AT). AR is a form of combining real and virtual content to improve the human perception of space and information, and has been around since the early 90’s, but only recently has its use been recognized as efficient and practical. Since the early conception of this visualization technology it has had many positive crossings with training, manufacturing and general managing in almost every research field. Although it has not yet had a direct impact such as other similar advances, for example virtual reality, it is slowly becoming the next logical step in overcoming and improving performance issues in general training and human-computer interaction. This work classifies the advances of Augmented Reality in Air Transport field in five major categories: General Concepts; Design / Manufacturing / Assembly / Maintenance of Aircraft; Control Tower Operations; Flight Decision Making and Support; General Training. The overview shows a growing importance of Augmented Reality and also the potential of this technology in Air Transport field. The work also points out future AR-AT research possibilities and speculates over the integration of other high-end visualization technologies in Air Transport.

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2006-2007 – M.SC at COPPE/UFRJ

Games, Simulation and Decision Making Improvement

Games and simulations currently represent the most natural way to build professional experience before the ingression in the work market. These games, directed toward the training and professional improvement, fill the gap between professional demand of companies and recently formed professional without practical experience. Gamesimulations come to complement the current educational system and contribute with experience development. This work reviews the importance of games and simulations in decision making learning and its positive consequences in long term period. The work, through the application and review of a commercial game, explores the possible forms to approach experimental education and its integration in the academic and professional learning program.

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